The Company


The PRATOMAGNO PROSCIUTTI company was established in the early ‘60s by Mr. Grati Ugo, descendant of a family of restaurateurs, butchers and charcuterie merchants, with the idea of creating a real “ham factory”. In other words, a laboratory with the purpose of salting and ageing only one product, the Ham, in the purer and authentic Tuscany tradition, focusing and dedicating all the passion only to the Ham itself and not to a myriad of other charcuterie products as it was common practice to do (and in most cases even today) in those days.

The Company’s Motto was: “It is hard doing only one thing very well, never mind doing many things”. Since then, the Company’s philosophy, running by Ugo Grati’s sons Grati Luigi and Grati Paolo, has been only ever one: make only high-quality hams, using the unique and traditional working methods of our Land: the Tuscany.

Pratomagno Prosciutti s.r.l. di Grati headquarters in a small district of Loro Ciuffenna in the province of Arezzo: San Giustino Valdarno, just a few kilometres from the famous Medieval Village the Borro. The factory is at the foot of the Pratomagno Mountain, in an area rich of vegetation and open to fresh mountain breeze, where the distinctive climate makes it possible the creation of the unique and original Prosciutto Pratomagno.