Prosciutto di Cinta Senese DOP

  • Aged for minimum 12 months
  • Weight kg. 7,5/10,5
  • INGREDIENTS: Cinta Senese pork thigh, salt, black pepper, natural flavouring

The PROSCIUTTO DI CINTA SENESE DOP is produced exclusively from selected and certified pork tights originated from local Cinta Senese pork farms registered in the CONSORSIO DI TUTELA DELLA CINTA SENESE (Consortium for the Safeguard of Cinta Senese). The Pratomagno Prosciutti Srl is part of such Consortium. The Cinta Senese porks are bred and slaughtered in Tuscany through the strictly traditional methods defined by the Consortium itself.

The pork tights are cured with salt and natural flavouring and then left to age in rooms naturally ventilated by the Pratomagno Mountain breeze.
The PROSCIUTTO DI CINTA SENESE DOP is a product with low availability. Please contact us for more info.

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